Wednesday, 24 December 2014


                                                                KASUTI WORK

Kasuti  is a traditional form of embroidery practiced in the state of Karnataka.  Locally available materials are used for Kasuti. The pattern to be embroidered is first marked with charcoal or pencil and then proper needles and thread are selected.The patterns are stitched without using knots to ensure that both sides of the cloth look alike

Types of Stitches Used
  1.  Ganti
  2.  Murgi
  3.  Neyge
  4.  Menthe    
Gavanti is a double running stitch used for marking vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines

Murgi is a zig-zag stitch,

Neyge is a running stitch

Menthe is a cross stitch resembling fenugreek seeds.

Materials Used
Embroidery Thread, Pearl Cotton Threads etc

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